Ogopogo -My favourite Sea Creature


Mosy the sightings of Ogopogo are like this picture... I think he prefers to come out at night.  I hope to get a look at him one day and a picture.   I will be adding more info on this interesting guy or girl or family of Sea Creatures a little later. 


Interesting Facts:

Ogopogo was named by the Vancouver Province newspaper in August 1926 after an English music hall song called Ogopogo which was  popular in the 1920's.  Folklore has it that this sea serpent was said to live in a cave near Rattlesmake Island and claimed many lives.  It is said to be green in colour with a horse or goat like head that swallows its prey whole.  It's snake like body is one to two feet wide and between 15 and 70 feet long. When swimming near the surface the the lake Ogopogo's humps have been seen propelling above the waters surface as you see above. 

Below I have a video of a college in my office that actually saw Ogopogo from her home by Okanagan Lake in August 2012.


If you have seen Ogopogo or know a story about him ...

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