Kelowna is truly a beautiful place to be.  The weather is enviable by most everyone else in Canada.  We receive about 2000 hours of sunshine annually and only 11 inches of rain. The fruit trees start blooming in early April and in some winters there is little to no snow.  The surrounding mountains get snow though so skiing is close by.  As a matter of fact there is a lot of recreation available - skiing, golf, hiking, water sports, hockey, biking, shopping... Oh is shopping not a sport?  It is to some people and there is much available. 



Kelowna is the largest city in the Okanagan covering 212 sq km with a population of approx 110,000 people.  It is the 22nd largest City in Canada.  19% of the population is 65 or older.  We are about 4 hours from Vancouver and 8 hours from Calgary.  Kelowna has an International airport and will soon have direct international air services. 

I can't forget to talk about Okanagan Lake.  It is large and beautiful at 135 k long. Stretching from Vernon to Penticton.  The Lake is 4 to 5 k wide.  The new bridge allows boats to travel under it at one section.  It is clean and clear.  A wonderful lake for swimming, water-skiing, sailing, fishing, and any other water sport you can think of.


The fruit tree industry was dominate until the 1970's but since then the wine industry took a significant turn toward bigger and better wines.  In the 1990's it seemed to become predomininate.  At present there are atleast 12 Kelowna and area wineries.  If you consider the area from Salmon Arm to Osoyoos then there are 92 wineries or more.  I suggest you don't visit all of them in one day.  If you do you might consider hiring a driver.


The name "Kelowna" comes from a native term for grizzly bear, but there are no grizzily bears here.  Maybe they should have called the city Ogopogo since we have one of those in the lake.  I love Ogopogo and you can learn more about him on another page called "About Ogopogo".

So welcome to Kelowna.  We hope you love it here and if you decide you want to go house hunting give one of us a call and we will assist you.  If you are one of the unfortuante ones that has to move away, we can also help you with your sale. 

...The Family Team